I’m very proud of my latest book collaboration with Titan Books and Blue Sky Studios:

The Art of Rio: Featuring a Carnival of Art From Rio and Rio 2

The Art of Rio Cover

The book celebrates the art from both Rio films (the upcoming sequel is out in theaters on April 11, 2014) with incredible landscapes, character progressions and background stories on the real world inspirations for director Carlos Saldanha’s ode to his beloved birthplace.

Limited edition of the book

Titan Books also has a limited edition version of the book that is just gorgeous. It’s limited to 500 copies and is signed by Saldanha. Grab a copy, they won’t last long!

I’m also geeky excited that we already have a RioWiki page (I said I was a dork!) and you can peruse quite a few galleys from the book there. (The feather cursor WINS!)

Plus, ParkaBlog has given us a lovely unboxing and review. Thanks!

I’ll leave you with the opening to the first film because birds that samba are always welcome: