Today is the release of Blue Sky Studio’s epic, a really gorgeous computer animated tale of which I am very proud to have written the art and conceptual evolution book available in stores now.









We’ve earned some very nice reviews, so once you see the movie this weekend (which is a lot of fun and I actually recommend the 3D for once, no lie), considering picking up a copy of the book to really enjoy the incredible work the animators created at Blue Sky.

The Art of epic Reviews

Starburst: “The Art of Epic does not simply look pretty. Bennett’s prose is also a joy to read; the input from the Blue Sky team being expertly woven into the text and enlightening and inspiring throughout. The Art of Epic is luscious in its level of detail; in short, it’s epic.”

Geek News Network: “*Gasp* “Beautiful!”

SciFiFX: “What author Tara Bennett has done here is a public service.  On one hand, Blue Sky Studios doesn’t get nearly enough praise for their work, being one of the primary competitors against the giant of Pixar.  Think of this book as a signal flare to the world that perhaps notice of their artistry is long overdue.”

City of Films: “Great art, interesting stories, and good sturdy paper (hey, that stuff’s important!)  Definitely recommended for film and art fans.”

Shelf Abuse: “The Art of Epic is one of the finest art books I’ve had the pleasure of perusing in some time.”

Wondrous Reads: “Titan have once again delivered with The Art of Epic, and it’s the best movie art book I’ve seen since last year’s The Art of Rise of the Guardians.”


The Art of epic hit shelves about a month ago and my publisher, Titan Books, shared some of the book’s incredible concept art with a few websites of which you can view full gallery previews when you click on the individual images: