For all my fellow The Hunger Games fans, I got to write the cover feature for the December issue of SCI FI Magazine which is out on stands the week of October 14th. Katniss is looking more than a little concerned on the cover, but new director Francis Lawrence is quite calm even though he inherited the huge gig after departing director, Gary Ross, left a vast hole last year.

Inside he talks about his vision realized in the aesthetics of the film, his take on where Katniss is post games especially in reference to Peeta and Gale, and then shooting the new Arena in Hawaii and in IMAX.

Here are two exclusive interview snippets from my story to whet your whistle to please buy a copy (scans really kill print journalism and long form stories that is our forte!) We’d love to see THG fandom pick up a copy and support our love for the series too!

“Appearance was the whole thing. I knew the emotional animal that I wanted her to become because that’s the easiest thing to transcribe. Books are two dimensional and films are these three-dimensional bleeding characters that are human. We started with the books and Suzanne Collins was involved in every step of the process and I think she saw the audition and said, “That’s Johanna Mason!” so I think we had a good starting off point.” – Jena Malone on here approach to playing Johanna Mason.

“[Peeta] is in less of Part One, obviously like the book, but there are appearances and then the final appearance is pretty striking.” – Francis Lawrence discussing Peeta inclusion in Mockingjay Part 1 due to his lack of physical presence in the books.

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