Here are some favs o’ mine:

My fabulous web site creator, Rob Feldman. He’s the man! Rob’s web company is EarWorm Media (tell him I sent you) but he’s also the creator of the fabulous Dr. Shroud animated series.

Credit for my caricature goes to artist (and all around awesome dude) K Douglas MacRae. Check out his comic series Captain Wednesday.

My frequent collaborator, the brilliant Mr. Paul Terry, who also makes music under the name Cellarscape.

The photo that my caricature is based on was taken by photographer, Bill Edwards. He did my head shots and made me pretty and I’m forever grateful. Check out his portfolio. Go on!

SFX Magazine – my beloved home for a decade this year! One of the last magazines dedicated to the best sci-fi films, TV, books and gaming from around the globe. Please check out: SFX Online, our SFX subscription discount page, or Zinio digital links for Itunes or Android.

SCI FI Magazine – a U.S. based print magazine that covers fantastic sci-fi films and TV. It’s been a pleasure to write for this wonderful publication too. Support sci-fi journalism with your dollars (and subscriptions!) New issues are available for purchase at Barnes and Noble retailers and other newstands across the U.S.

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib is one of the smartest, geek-oriented radio shows out there today. Sohaib tirelessly roots out the most interesting creatives in comics, television and books and champions their projects for the masses. Have a listen and I guarantee you’ll discover something new and wonderful.

My brothers at the You’ve Got Geek on You podcast. Joel Rickenbach, Brendan Carr, Michael Henley and Chuck Francisco are super smart, funny and gentleman to boot. Subscribe now!