We lost an incredible friend and talent in Joel Rickenbach on November 4, 2015. He was 38 years too young; a talent gone before he had the chance to do so much more.

Honor him by watching or listening to just a sampling of some of his artistic output. Joel should be known and loved by everyone.

You’ve Got Geek on You Podcast Archive

Joel, Kevin Regan, Brendan Carr, Michael Henley and Chuck Francisco recorded a lot of hours talking about movies and media and pop culture. There’s a treasure trove of recommendations within and lots of Joel’s infectious laugh. I was honored to be part of it here and there and talk geek deep into the night.

The Gatekeeper – a Halloween Novella

This was Joel’s first published fiction and it’s fantastic. I know he was writing more and planned to expand this story and I’m forever sorry that it will never be.

“Circa 39” Music Video

Joel handpicked this song from Paul Terry’s Cellarscape album “The Act of Letting Go” to make a music video. He didn’t tell Paul anything about the concept or the execution – he just handed it over as a finished product in November 2014. Everything about it screams Joel and what he loves most about film and storytelling. He was very proud of it.

Evangeline Lilly’s The Squickerwonkers Book Trailer Comic Con 2014

Joel put this video together in one night! It’s brilliant. Evangeline loved it from the moment she laid eyes on it and that’s how he rolled – a consummate pro with everything he touched.

Eerie, PA

Joel published Eerie, PA, his magazine about weirdness and hauntings within the Keystone State. He and author Matt Lake did a road trip to the Dime Museum for this Eerie special:

The League

Joel was camera, editor and co-director with Kevin Regan for their web series starring their talented friends.