Didja hear about that Hunger Games movie? Heard it was good…

Ok, I loved Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games trilogy and so it was my personal delight to get to cover it extensively leading up to the March 23rd film release for quite a few outlets.

So if you have no idea what I’m talking about, first get thee to a bookstore or book reading app and let it suck you into Katniss Everdeen’s world (I’m personally responsible for at least 10 people getting addicted to it – YAY ME!)

Next, check out my coverage:

SCI FI Magazine Cover Story (see image above) featuring exclusive interviews with director Gary Ross and Josh Hutcherson (in stores now)


NEW! Exclusive interview w Ve Neill, The Hunger Games makeup designer about the film, the sequel & SyFy’s FaceOff

My FEARnet review of The Hunger Games film (thumbs up but with some issues)

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SFX Magazine/Online

SFX Magazine Issue #220 (on sale now) feature with an exclusive interview with director Gary Ross. Here’s a tease from the print feature talking about the action in the film.

I had so much material left from my chat with Gary Ross that we turned it into an online exclusive here

TV Geek Army

NEW! Should Catching Fire Look for a Small Screen Savior? I nominate 5 TV directors that could helm the sequel.


I did a fun feature on 20 things to do while waiting for the film to hit theaters. I might start taking archery….


Nothing is cuter than these Before They Were Famous pictures from the cast of The Hunger Games. Lenny!