I’m really honored to know a tremendous amount of creative friends who are making their art and sharing their talents with the world. Of course promotion is tough out there today, so a lot of them aren’t exactly on the radar, or you might have forgotten about what they do.

In honor of the holiday shopping season beginning this week and Small Business Saturday – I give you my Homegrown Holiday 2014 where I’m providing links to some fantastic artists & entrepreneurs you can support by buying or recommending their items for your gift-giving.  If you want your money to go to worthy projects and REALLY support those following their dreams and passions – click and buy from this list 🙂 Also share it with your friends! (Additions say NEW)


Cellarscape’s “The Act of Letting Go” is a fantastic album featuring the singer/songwriter Paul Terry and some incredible international musicians. Give them a try & buy a copy or grab a special gift pack for someone who likes to try new music.

Hot Breakfast! – Matt Casarino and Jill Knapp are Hot Breakfast! and they are hilarious dork singer/songwriters who crush it. Buy their music or gift it!

Fantastic Joe Trainer and his Trio are one of the backbones of the DE music scene. They have tons of fantastic music to peruse, then purchase HERE.

Rowan grad and singer/songwriter Sarah Hollins has an EP ready to buy HERE.

NEW For my friends with kids, Lori Henriques is a singer/songwriter with albums for kids featuring  such happy, joyful songs with a jazz ensemble sound that will inspire adults and kids. She even has a duet with The Middleman, Matt Keeslar! Find all her albums HERE.

NEW If you loved Bill Buchanan on “24” (and who didn’t?), the actor James Morrison is also a singer and filmmaker. Give his music a try HERE and rent or gift his movie “Showing Up” about the auditioning process HERE.


“Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show” is out on Kindle or as a traditional soft cover. Buying a copy helps indie filmmaker Des Doyle and his team pay off making an indie film so gift the book to your TV fans, or student friends. And think about buying the film as a gift via Itunes too!

If you’ve got kids who love facts or maybe don’t like committing to long narratives, Paul Terry & Paul Shubrook’s bestselling “Top 10 of Everything 2015” is such a fun read that it will enthrall for hours. Here’s the UK version too.

Fabulous Renaissance man Joel Rickenbach published his first short story this year: “The Gatekeeper” which was a fantastic start and a perfect stocking stuffer for those who love old-school scary stories with heart.

Paul Ruditis wrote a MASSIVE book about the history of Battlestar Galactica. You like any iteration of the show? You better buy or gift this sucker. It’s outstanding! So say we all…

Support sci-fi journalism and my SFX family by buying or gifting a subscription to SFX Magazine. We have deals running all holiday season! Or try The Walking Dead Magazine, Sleepy Hollow Magazine, or SCI FI Magazine.

Dear friend Roberta Trahan has written the hell out of some original fantasy fiction with her “Dream Stewards” series and short story “Aftershock.” Grab them HERE.

Trekkers! My great friend Kevin Dilmore wrote a Best Book of 2014 with his original Star Trek novel “Seekers: Point of Divergence”.

If you like superheroes with a twist and graphic novels, try Martin Eden’s fantastic indie comic, “Spandex”

Nikki Stafford is a fellow companion guide writer with a huge library of thoughtful books on fantastic shows HERE.

Super-talented geek pal Marc Bernadin released “Genius” this year and you can ask for it, or gift the issues HERE.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach’s ‘The Middleman” is the cult show and continuing comic book series you need to catch up on HERE.

NEW Great friend Sohaib Awan’s (of Fictional Frontier’s fame) young-reader, genie comic book series, “Jinnrise,” is now in a collected trade or you can grab single issues for holiday gifts HERE.

New friend Trish Milburn is a much-loved romance writer I’m happy to know now. Check out her titles HERE.

Eric Smith’s “The Geek’s Guide to Dating” is a complete charmer of a present (and read). Or you can pre-order his upcoming “Inked” out in Jan. 2015.

Fellow Joss Whedon acolytes, pick up Amy Pascale’s GoodReads Best Biography 2014 finalist of the man in her comprehensive look at his life and career HERE.

Sharon Gosling’s excellent YA series starts with “The Diamond Thief” and welcomes a sequel in May 2015. Grab it and her other geeky tomes HERE.

Fellow geek Rich Steeves has his supernatural detective Misty Johnson books and they’re a hoot!

NEW Fellow licensing writer Christopher Golden has his own Sons of Anarchy original fiction book with Kurt Sutter, “Bratva,” out in stores now. But if you love Alien, Uncharted, Buffy, or original fiction too, his library of work is HUGE! 

NEW My awesome editor Delia Greve edited two amazing books: “The Sith Handbook” and “George R. R. Martin’s The World of Ice & Fire,” which are spectacular gift ideas. 

NEW Prolific and awesome author Nancy Holder has the new “Beauty and the Beast: Vendetta” tie-in novel, but she’s THE woman for “Buffy” fiction as well as her original YA supernatural fiction. Check out her catalog HERE


Bill Edwards always makes me look my best in my headshots – so hire him for yours (or a friends) HERE or if you are looking to decorate your office or house – try his print gallery.

UPDATED Incredible Red Bank, NJ artist Mike Ciccotello is always blowing me away with his paintings and coffee cup doodles. Add some beauty to your home or office HERE. And Cyber Monday deals are HERE (Use Code ZAZCYBER2014)

I’m a writer and I still adore getting a great pen, so check out these beautiful handmade pens created by Lisa and Scott Rowe at Roweville Retro HERE.

Brit artist (and creator of all of Cellarscape’s album art) Paul Shubrook has original art and prints of his beautiful work HERE.

If you love unique, geeky collectibles, then check out Karen Mauro’s Enchanted Forest Etsy shop for her awesome handmade creations HERE.

NEW If you’re looking for some handmade cuteness, check out KookyBird for adorable Yetis and more clever creatures by Christin Klinger Bagenstose


I am so proud of Zoey Van Jones for building her eyebrow empire from the bottom up. She’s cleaned up my crazy Italian brows for years and now she’s got her own line of products so she can clean you up too! HERE

Need a new website or some creative graphic design? My web guru is Rob Feldman and he should be yours too. Gift yourself or someone you love HERE.

Maybe you are gifting a car this season and need a deal. Eric Bell is amazing and anywhere in the country can get you the car you want for the price you want. HERE

Does your website copy need some work? K. Stoddard Hayes is a wordsmith who can turn around the most bland website. Try or gift her services HERE. Tell her I sent you 🙂

If I missed you or you have recommendations – please let me know!