To all of the devoted Fringe fans that purchased the Fringe: September’s Notebook Limited Edition, it’s come to our attention via social media addressed to us in the last 24 hours that there is an issue regarding the signatures included that were promised by Insight Editions.

As authors of the book, our official inclusion in the project ended when we turned in the final manuscript back in November 2012. Aside from providing a list of recommendations that could make up the extras for the LE, we’ve had absolutely nothing to do with the LE: when it was announced, it’s price point, it’s shipping date or the final product. We don’t receive copies, thus the first one either of us viewed with our own eyes was at Tara’s SDCC signing. The LE case at the booth only featured the book, the empty amber case and no signatures. We’ve never seen a finished copy outside of recent social media images and we are not included signers of the book.

We labored on September’s Notebook with our hearts and souls every day for a year (which is the same one included in the LE. just with a leather cover) and we are despondent that any fan is disappointed – much less angry –  regarding any part of it. We stand by the core book and hope fans who purchased the regular edition still feel as though it’s a worthy keepsake that celebrates the show. As for the LE, Insight Editions is responsible for every aspect of the LE and they are the only ones privy to the information you seek. We suggest you reference all questions and complaints to them as Paul and I honestly have no answers or information about what is going on with the edition sizes, the signatures or the amber.


Tara Bennett and Paul Terry